There is different grades of our Addiflex® - which to choose depends on the product and the material.


  • This is the only grade world wide where there is proof that an oxo-system can be composted and is totally degradable.
  • The addition level on this grade is high.
  • Applications like waste disposal bags, coffin liner and duster cloth.

The HES grade

  • This is presently our standard grade for all purposes.
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%.
  • Applications like carrier bags, fruit and vegetable bags, produce bag film, mulch film,shrink film, trays and cups that are PP-based.

The HEV grade

  • This is our next grade that will be introduced during 2010. It has enhanced processability and degradability.
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%

The BOPP grade

  • Special grade for BOPP process (Biaxial-Oriented-Poly Propylene).
  • Higher process temperature
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%
We are also currently in the research and testing phase of more new grades and we will update this list as soon as we have new ones.